Training Your Pit Bull Terrier With Dog Treats

Every responsible Pit Bull owner wants a well trained pet. There are several training options which may be used to achieve the desired results. One of the most popular methods used by owners is treat training. Treat training is a reward system using either the dog’s favorite snack food such as cheese, bits of hotdog or by using store bought treats.

Treat training allows the owner to use these small bribes as a form of positive reinforcement for good behavior. Proper use of treat training will enable you to teach your Pit Bull to follow the sit, come and lie down commands, as well as teach him almost any trick you can imagine. If used with friendly rubs and praises, it can also assist you to housebreak your Pit Bull.

To teach your Pit Bull to sit, you’ll need to prepare a treat bag just before you begin. A plastic zip top baggy comes highly recommended by me for use as a treat container. It allows you to put the treats in your pocket while allowing you to keep your pockets from getting soiled and soggy. Believe me, try it without the baggy and you’ll not try it that way again. This is especially true if you opt to use bits of table food such as the cheese and hotdog slices.

Decide upon what you will use as the treat. Think of what your Pit Bull likes to eat, but you don’t give him very often. This makes an irresistible bribe, and you will see faster results than if you’d used an every day treat. Once you’ve chosen your bribe, put the baggy in your pocket so you can reach it easily. Don’t try to hold the bag in your hand, as this will distract your Pit Bull, and may even get him to jumping up in an attempt to try and grab the entire bag.

If you have more than one Pit Bull, or other dog for that matter, take the time to put the other dog away so you can do one on one training. Other animals in the vicinity will only hamper your training as your Pit Bull will think the session is a competition for which dog can get the treat fastest, rather obedience training.

Now that you’ve prepped your treat bag and have your Pit Bull alone with you, it’s time to begin.

Take a bit of your chosen treat and hold it above your Pit Bull’s head while giving the command to “sit.” If you hold the treat high, the dog will have to sit to see the treat. Once he sits, give him the treat and be sure to praise him as a “good boy” for the sit. You can repeat this four or five more times, but after that give it a rest until the next day. I know it doesn’t sound like rigorous training, but it is considered a full session.

Once your Pit Bull has mastered the “sit” command, start to gradually offer gentle rubs and praises rather than treats. You’ll eventually phase out the food treats, and your Pit Bull will continue to sit on command.

Using treat training is an effective and gentle way to train your Pit Bull. It also allows you to be close to your pet for a session of giving treats and praises. Imagine how much your Pit Bull will enjoy that!

Training a pitbull to be a loving family dog

Pitbull Puppy Training

The myths surrounding pitbulls in recent years have surrounded around the fact that they are a vicious breed and should not be kept around children. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Training a pitbull to be a loving family dog is generally no different than training any other breed of large dog.

Pitbulls generally have a tendency to protect their “pack”, whether that means their breed family, or human family. It’s very important that when training a pitbull, the owner establishes themselves as the leader of the pack. Cesar Millian, renowned dog behavior expert referred to as “the dog whisperer”, is a big proponent of this school of thought.

Millian is firm in his belief that when training a pitbull, the owner absolutely must establish themselves as the leader, and that is not achieved by yelling at or hitting the dog.

When training a pitbull, it’s important to give them an established set of commands. Understanding those commands will help the pitbull in determining what behaviors are acceptable. Do not repeat the commands, say them just once.

One terrific suggestion in training a pitbull to understand commands and what is permissible is simply teaching it to “stay.” Put your pitbull in one spot and have him stay. The dog will naturally continue to try to get up, but be firm with your command and put him back again. The idea isn’t necessarily that the pitbull will stay for a long period of time, but rather that it understands you are firm in your commands and that he must listen.

Pitbulls, like many other breeds, are playful and rambunctious as puppies. When training a pitbull, set up an established program with lots of positive reinforcement and rewards for good behavior. Being consistent with every training session and command is essential when training a pitbull.

Training a pitbull requires patience and a good plan, but no more so than other breed. Unlike the myths, your pitbull can easily adapt to your home and be the loving family dog that your children will cherish.