Pit Bull Basic puppy training techniques to ensure its happy and fulfilling life

Pitbull Puppy Training

Bringing a Pit Bull puppy home for the first time is exciting in any family’s life. In order to look forward to years of happiness with your dog, using the proper puppy training techniques from day one is the biggest key.

Most dogs are able to come to its adopted home at 6-8 weeks of age. Puppy training techniques should start immediately thereafter. Basic techniques start with potty training, crate training, understandable simple commands and learned social behavior.

Repetition and consistency is the key to all puppy training techniques. Without either, you might as well just return the puppy. Set up a daily schedule with your puppy, including feeding times, playtime, regular potty times, rest periods and intervals of training. The puppy will be programmed to learn these times and what to expect.

Pit Bull Puppy training techniques should always include the use of the word “no”. Jumping on furniture, biting objects, excessive barking and running away are behaviors that need to be correct with that one simple word. Dogs understand a lot more than we think, and with firm and consistent one-word commands, especially when correcting bad behavior, is important to a Pit bull  puppy’s training progress.

Pit Bull Puppy training techniques should also use positive reinforcement as a vital component. When a puppy understands that it has responded correctly to a learned command, reward the puppy with a treat and soft, encouraging words. Puppies should always be followers of their leader, you. When following commands correctly, they should always be recognized.

When correcting the puppy’s behavior, avoid using its name. Calling out its name associated with bad behavior will confuse your puppy and they will shy away from you when calling for him.

All Pit Bull puppy training techniques should also include bonding. Taking time with your puppy in playtime, walks and general alone time will give your puppy something to look forward to every time you see them.