How crate training puppies aids in housebreaking

Pitbull Puppy Training

Housebreaking your puppy can be tedious and time-consuming. Oftentimes puppies will make mistakes, and their owners may become impatient in their training, making the housebreaking process that much longer. Crate training puppies is a great alternative method.

Puppies in general need constant supervision. However, because of normal daily activities, this can’t always be achieved. Taking time to cook dinner, bathe the kids, taking a quick ride to the grocery store: you can’t be around your puppy every waking minute. This is where crate training puppies comes in handy.

When crate training puppies, choosing the right size cage is extremely important. As a rule, dogs will not defecate in their beds, because they would then be forced to lie in it. Choose a cage that gives your dog just enough space to lie down. To save money, purchase a cage that will be large enough for your puppy to fit as an adult, and purchase a divider panel as well, so that the panel can be adjusted inside the cage as the puppy grows into an adult.

The whole idea of crate training puppies is to teach it patience. Knowing that it doesn’t want to sleep in its own soil, the puppy will be forced to wait until you are ready to take him outside. The whole idea of making sure the cage is the right size is so the puppy won’t have room to defecate on the side of the bed. This creates a major problem, as in normal walking through the cage, the puppy will track its own soil onto their bedding.

When this is allowed to continue in a crate/cage that’s too large, the puppy’s own instincts of keeping their bedding clean will be forgotten over time, causing even more problems down the road. Crate training puppies must include this key component.