Tech student headed to basic training, looking for home for dog

Now two and a half, Odin has been a trusty sidekick to owner Max Puckett since he was just six weeks old. Now, Puckett is preparing for the next chapter in his life; one that can’t involve his beloved pitbull terrier.

“Once I graduate, shortly after I’m going to have to go basic officer leadership training in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri,” Puckett said. “When I’m there, I won’t be able to take Odin with me. The best choice for Odin, even though I’ve had him since he was a puppy, is to find him an extended foster, or possibly an adoption home.”

A member of the ROTC program at Texas Tech, Puckett is a soon-to-be commanding officer. He said it’s something he is excited for, but leaving Odin won’t be easy.

“Well, I’m going to lose my dog,” Puckett said. “You know, there’s a chance that I won’t be able to get him back after the extended foster, and that’s probably going to be difficult. And even when I’m gone for two weeks, or a month, or two months of training, it’s difficult on me you know, because I’m a dog person.”

So he’s determined to find him the perfect family.

“He has to live an active lifestyle,” Puckett said, “or else he gets excited inside the house if he doesn’t get to go on his walks. And just a knowledgeable owner who pretty much knows what they’re doing, not a first-time owner.”

Puckett has until December to find Odin a foster family. He will graduate on the Dec. 14, and his training will begin shortly after.

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