Jasper, a retired military dog cannot fly home because he is a Pit Bull

Jasper, a retired military dog who worked with the U.S. Army, cannot fly home on any airlines because he is a Pit Bull and considered to be an aggressive breed.

Jasper was expected to go to Afghanistan with Staff Sgt. Jordan Lee but, unfortunately, Jasper suffered heat stroke during training and was forced to retire. Staff Sgt. Lee formed a very close bond with Jasper and, therefore, he wanted to adopt the dog. However, Jasper was sent back to Lakeland, Texas for adoption.

In the meantime, Staff Sgt. Lee is still in Afghanistan but his cousin, Paula Adams in Colorado Springs, CO, wants to take in Jasper while Staff Sgt. Lee is overseas. According to Paula Adams, none of the airlines will fly Jasper to her location because he is a Pit Bull.

Just this past Sunday, Staff Sgt. Lee was almost hit by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) which exploded just three feet away from him in Afghanistan. It’s a miracle that Staff Sgt. Lee survived.

According to Paula Adams, one airline with whom she spoke might take the dog if she can get him to Austin and buy a steel crate for Jasper which would cost over $300, plus another $400 for the plane ticket. One would think that any airline would welcome the positive press it would receive for performing an act of kindess by flying Jasper to Colorado Springs at no charge.

Pit Bulls often get a ‘bad rap’ as being aggressive in spite of the fact that the temperament of Pit Bulls, like many other dogs, greatly depends on the way they are treated by their owners.

Jasper is a retired military dog trained by the U.S. Army and, therefore, should be treated as a military hero and be given the opportunity to be cared for Paula Adams who is willing to take him in until Staff Sgt. Lee is able to return home. Why should Paula Adams be required to pay such outrageous costs to fly Jasper to a location where she can pick him up? Even if she is able to pay these costs, is the airline in question planning to make Jasper ride in its cargo area where there are well-known issues regarding lack of appropriate air pressurization, lack of temperature control, and so on?

Since Jasper is a retired military dog, why doesn’t the U.S. military transport the dog to Colorado Springs during the transport of other military personnel and/or cargo? The U.S. Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs, CO. Is it not possible for the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Army to work together to bring home this special military hero who happens to be a dog? If Jasper was a retired military general, would such a transport even be an issue?

How would you feel if Jasper was your dog?

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