Pitbull adoptions restricted

People wanting to adopt a pitbull must adhere to special regulations under Tauranga SPCA rules.

Margaret Rawiri says a lot of people see three-month-old Monty is a pitbull and mentally write him off.

The Tauranga SPCA has a specific disclaimer outlining rules when it comes to adopting pitbull puppies and will only allow experienced dog owners with training experience to adopt the breed.

Tauranga SPCA manager Margaret Rawiri says the disclaimer comes from legitimate concern about the breed, following a number of attacks in the Bay of Plenty.

She says this should not put people off adopting pitbull puppies, which she says make wonderful pets in the right hands.

“I firmly believe that if you get an innocent little puppy that has never known any wrong in the right hands it can be the best dog you’ve ever had.

“The wrong dog in the wrong hands can be dangerous.”

The disclaimer, only issued for the adoption of pitbulls, states people wanting to adopt a pitbull must be experienced dog owners and have training knowledge. No first time dog owners will be allowed to adopt a pitbull.

“It’s just us making people aware that we are a little more careful,” says Margaret.

“From our point of view, a puppy is a puppy. Sometimes it’s almost like by putting the disclaimer on there we are saying they could potentially be dangerous.

“Just because there is that potential there – just as there is with every dog breed in the wrong hands.”

She says if put in the right hands, pitbulls do make excellent pets.

“They are very loyal; they can be the best dog ever.

“But I can’t emphasis more that they will need training.”

The majority of dogs needing homes at the Tauranga SPCA are staffy-crosses, but Margaret says because of the public perception, pitbulls can be very difficult to rehome.

“The minute you say to someone out in public you are going to have to muzzle the dog – it’s not a great look.”

The Tauranga SPCA is currently trying to find a home for three-month-old pitbull puppy Monty.

“He’s probably the best-behaved puppy we have got in here,” says Margaret.

“He’s really nice, but he needs a push. People just look at him and see he’s a pitbull.”

Monty’s adoption number is 17220.

SPCA disclaimer:

The SPCA has strict criteria in place for people wanting to adopt pitbull puppies. We require the new owner to be an experienced dog owner with training experience so that the full potential of this lovely puppy can be brought out and any potential problems sorted out before they can become an issue. The Tauranga SPCA will not adopt Pitbull puppies to first time dog owners. NOTE: The dog control law requires all Pitbull and Pitbull x dogs be muzzled in public at all times.


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