Pit Bull Training Techniques

Discover the best way to train Pit Bulls and which training techniques your Pit Bull will respond to.

Susan McCullough |
Posted: September 13, 2012, 10 a.m. EDT

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American Pit Bull Terrier enthusiasts have definite opinions about what type of training the Pit Bull responds best to. “Pit Bulls need positive reinforcement — and of course food,” says Carol Gaines, an American Pit Bull Terrier breeder and judge from Battle Ground, Washington.

In other words, bribery goes a long way with Pit Bulls. A tasty treat provides a powerful incentive for these confident dogs to perform as requested. Of course, treats aren’t the only reinforcement that Pit Bulls respond to. Affectionate petting or stroking and verbal expressions of praise help, too.

Jerianne Brown, a breeder from Windber, Pennsylvania, believes that while positive reinforcement during training is effective for Pit Bulls, corrections for misbehavior are necessary, too. She suggests using a slip collar that is made from a metal chain.

“Hold the collar so it forms a P and place it over the Pit Bull’s head,” Brown says. “The ring should be situated behind the dog’s right ear, and the collar should sit right behind the jaw. A correction is issued by giving a quick, sharp tug on the leash and then releasing. A verbal correction is also helpful while training (No, out, leave it, etc). The chain type [of collar] works better [than fabric] because the Pit Bull is able to hear the ‘click’ of the collar, which acts as a warning. Remember that slip collars should be worn only when training or participating in conformation events.”

5 Tips for Training Your Pit Bull

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