Pitbull restrictions may become thing of the past

The city of Edmonton may put an end to a bylaw that places restrictions on specific dog breeds like pit bulls.

The law requires owners to buy extra insurance, muzzle their animals and stay away from off-leash parks. But city administration is now questioning whether the law is enforceable and effective.

They also found that the majority of Edmontonians surveyed believe that dog attacks are caused by poor training and bad owners.

The move also has the support of the Edmonton Humane Society.

“We think it’s a really progressive step for the City of Edmonton not to judge by breed but judge by behavior,” said Humane Society executive director Stephanie McDonald.

“If you remove the bylaw, (owners are) going to license their dogs and so they can get the same support everybody else gets.”

McDonald believes this change will help pit bull owners feel like part of the community.

City council is expected to vote on the bylaw change next week.

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