Cumberland County Child Severely Bitten by Dog

A Cumberland County girl is hospitalized in serious condition after she is bitten by a dog.  A witness says the attack nearly severed her leg just below the knee.  It happened just after 8 o’clock Tuesday evening near the 7 year old girl’s home in the 5000 block of Mendenhall Drive in Hampden Township.

Police say the girl and her grandfather were walking when two American bull terriers, who weren’t on a leash, ran at them from across the street.  The frightened girl began running. The larger dog, a male, bit the child several times on her left leg just below the knee. The child was rushed to a local hospital.

The two dogs were taken to the East Shore Humane Society, where police say they will be quarantined for 10 days.  The dogs’ owner has not been charged.  Hampden Township Police are investigating.

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