Dogged by reputation: Blacktown duo defend canines

BLACKTOWN has more than one dog attack recorded a day but two Blacktown women say the breeds often associated with the incidents have an unfair reputation.

Dog trainer Jackie Alba, who runs K9 Training Academy at Just Pets in St Marys, and Magdalena Jablonski, who owns four dogs, said breeds such as the pitbull and american staffordshire weren’t necessarily aggressive by nature.

“Dogs don’t get trained, they don’t get socialised,” Ms Alba said. “They have the potential to be dangerous in the wrong hands but so does a chihuahua.”

The pair said backyard breeders were a big part of the problem because they didn’t care who they sold the dogs to and how they were treated.

“It’s all about how you raise them. We are actually making them aggressive, a lot of dogs are bred for fighting,” Ms Alba said.

Ms Jablonski added: “People need to get educated. You’ve got to treat your dog right.

“A dog will put its life on the line for its owner and, for some people who cannot have children, they become like a child for them.”

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