Pitbull shot dead; APD says self defense

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Questions and answers after an Austin police officer shot and killed a pitbull dog outside a home Thursday night.

It comes four months after a controversial shooting of another dog. There was public outcry in April after an Austin Police Department officer killed a blue heeler named “Cisco.”

The officer said the dog “charged” him.

Police Chief Art Acevedo apologized publicly after the shooting.

APD held a press conference to talk about what happened Thursday night when an officer shot and killed a dog in East Austin.

Austin Police Department received a call just after 1 p.m. on Thursday reporting a burglary in the 5000 block of Delores Street.

APD said the burglary was not in progress and was not a priority call. Officers showed up two hours later.

“The primary officer knocked on the door, the pitbull came out from under the house and attempted to attack the second officer,” Assistant Chief Raul Mungula explained.

The officer said the pitbull charged in an aggressive manner. The animal missed the officer in the initial attack, according to APD.

“The pitbull then turned around came back at the officer and at that time the officer discharged his (weapon) twice,” Mungula said.

One neighbor who was outside at the time said he was shocked — the dog never seemed to be a problem and he didn’t hear any barking.

APD said the dog was tethered but was still long enough to attack the officer.

Right now, APD active officers are being required to take an online course. The officer who shot the dog recently completed that course. The officer who shot the dog has no history of using deadly force and is still on regular duty.

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