Gary, the scared pitbull, finds a home

Staff Report

Gary the pit bull has found a new home with a family in Pennsylvania.

He was staying with The Learning Dog Training and Enrichment Center in Hubbard, before he was adopted by the Magazzine family in Pulaski, Pa.

“He’s getting along with everybody great,” said Rich Magazzine.

Magazzine said he and his wife were looking for another dog so his Labrador wouldn’t be lonely. He said the dogs are getting along great with each other, and his 6-year-old and 10-year-old boys enjoy both of them.

Gary has moved around from various animal shelters looking for a family to stay with. His search for a home was challenging because he suffers from anxiety, said The Learning Dog Owner Katie Costello. As long as he’s medicated, Gary is a great dog, she said.

Magazzine said “Gary has been wonderful” since he was adopted on Tuesday.

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