Pit Bull Shot By Police "Showing Signs Of Slight Improvement"

A photo of Star and Stankiewicz shortly after Monday’s incident (@Ben_Jatta)

Star, the pit bull mix that was shot by an NYPD officer on Monday in the East Village is alive and recovering slowly. “Star’s condition is still serious, but thankfully she is showing signs of slight improvement,” Richard Gentles, the press representative for Animal Care Control says. Gentles declined to elaborate further on Star’s condition, citing unspecified legal and privacy issues. Asked whether Star will be placed for adoption if she survives, or if she’ll be returned to her owner, Gentles says, “It is too early to know what the final outcome will be.”

Employees of the KFC on 14th Street that Star and her owner, Lech Stankiewicz, were known to frequent, told a reporter that they hadn’t seen Stankiewicz outside the restaurant since he was removed to the hospital on Monday.

Gentles added that those who would like to help animals like Star can donate to the ACC’s aptly-named Special Treatment and Recovery Fund (STAR Fund), which supports the treatment that injured or ill cats and dogs receive in the organization’s facilities.

With Carrie Dennis

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