Seeing eye dog killed in vicious attack

Guide Dog

As Victoria desperately tries to curtail dangerous dogs attacks, a shocking new incident has been exposed on the Neil Mitchell Program.

Four dogs believed to be pit bulls have attacked two other dogs being walked, killing one of them. The dog killed was a highly trained seeing eye dog for a blind person.

LISTEN: Alan recounts the terrifying experience to Neil Mitchell

The pit bulls have since been handed into the RSPCA.

Alan was walking his brother’s guide dog and his family’s dog along Plunket Street in Bellfield when four unrestrained animals attacked.

“They didn’t even snarl, they approached us, sniffed for a few seconds and suddenly attacked,” he told Neil Mitchell

The guide dog ‘Matilda’ fled the attack in fear and was hit and killed by a car in Bell Street.  The driver of the car did not stop.

The family’s Cocker Spaniel ‘Bosley’ is in hospital recovering.

“The dogs went for Matilda and she got frightened and took off towards Bell Street. She was terrified,” Alan said.

Alan said two men, who he believed were the owners, appeared to round up the four dogs and quickly left the scene of the vicious attack. 

“They helped get the pit bulls off (Bosley) and then quickly disappeared.  I don’t know where they live but I saw the direction they came from,” Alan said.

Alan was also injured and needed to be taken to hospital.  He is adamant the dogs should be put down as soon as possible.

Alan’s Father, Stan, also spoke to Neil and said it’s been a tragic situation for his family.

“But It could have been a lot worse,” he said. “What if my blind son was walking the dogs?”

PLAY: Alan’s Father, Stan, says it’s time police took charge on dangerous dogs

“This shouldn’t be a council issue anymore,” he added. “This needs to be a criminal offence.”

Acting inspector Paul Tyso told 3AW police were working around the clock to locate the dogs and their owners.

Seeing Eye Dogs has offered assistance to the devastated blind man who lost Matilda, his Labrador companion of four years.  The cost of losing a guide dog is high, with estimates it takes $30,000 and two years to fully train each animal.

PLAY: Acting Inspector Paul Tyso and Banyule City Council Mayor Tom Melican on 3AW

Neil said the owners and the dogs need to be brought to justice immediately.

“You’d like to think we’re getting on top of dangerous dogs, and if so these animals need to be destroyed,” Neil Mitchell said.

Last year, the Victorian government enacted dangerous dog laws after a four-year old was killed by a pit bull in September.

LISTEN: Alan’s recounts his terrifying experience to Neil Mitchell

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