Save Rocket, Victim Of Australia’s BSL Racism


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VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA—“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them” ~Dalai Lama

It’s gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. The world is regressing, not progressing.

Compassion is the radicalism of our time, the Dalai Lama says.

There is essentially a mass hysteria throughout the world being fueled by the mainstream media, promulgating a hatred and unwarranted fear of all pit bulls and their types.

It’s called breed specific legislation, aka BSL.

The world is essentially engaging in yet another Holocaust only this one targeting the extermination of pitbulls, holding dogs in concentration camps, in seculsion, in secret locations while the government carries out its “due process” in its death march.

Breed specific legislation is the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of pitbulls.

This time it’s not Jews or the disabled or Communists that are deemed “inferior” and persecuted but rather pitbulls, being arbitrarily seized and killed not because of any deed but just because of their breed, because people are being made to believe that they are dangerous when the truth is they are no more dangerous than a cocker spaniel, a chihuahua or a yellow lab.

It’s the 21st Century’s “racial inferiority” threat.  

A docile dog named Rocket inVictoria,Australiahas become the latest victim of the gross ignorance and prejudice associated with BSL, often called “bull shit legislation” and is under a death order.

As with the cases with Wicca andLennoxand others around the world,  this is egregious case of injustice, an innocent dog being victimized by breed rather than deed—by hatred and ignorance.

Victoria kills dogs like Rocket simply because of his breed, dogs that have not attacked a person or animal or displayed signs of aggression, but are considered to be a higher risk to community safety than other breeds of dogs.

Rocket is a symbol of everything that’s wrong with breed specific legislation, laws that don’t work, laws that are grossly racist and discriminatory.

Rocket must be freed and allowed to return home before another grave injustice occurs.

During a severe storm inPakenham,Victoria, Australia about four months ago, part of Rocket’s fence blew down.   Rocket got out of the backyard as he was obviously scared by the storm. He went and waited on his front doorstep for his owners to come home.

Some “do-gooder” reported the sweet, lovable innocent Rocket to the Cardinia Shire Council as being a loose dog and now he’s going to be killed.

He wasn’t terrorizing the neighborhood, he wasn’t even off his own property. He wasn’t on “public property”.   He merely sat at the door and waited for his owners to come home. There is apparently no history of problems involving Rocket, this is a one time situation that occurred due to an act of God, a weather-related incident.

Because of the one person who reported Rocket as being “loose”, the council has seized Rocket and is holding him, deemed as a restricted breed  and earmarked for death.

Rocket has been held for over four months now, away from his family and is in an undisclosed location.

This is Rocket, the dog that “scared” his neighor who reported him:

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) has upheld the ruling that Rocket must die because of an Act of God.

The matter will be appealed to the Supreme Court within the next 28 days and an outcry of support is warranted.  Six out of 11 appeals heard by VCAT have been successful, according to Rocket’s Facebook page.

To express your opinion about Rocket’s seizure, email the council at, CARDINIA COUNCIL CONTACT

Sign the petition to free Rocket who, like so many, have done absolutely nothing wrong.  In his case, Rocket fell under the Victorian government’s 22 point process of determining a restricted breed.  The killing of innocent dogs must stop.  The innocent, friendly Rocket must be allowed to go home!

To follow Rocket’s case, his Facebook page is here


Please also consider signing these petitions to free two senior dogs that have become the victims of BSL


The global hysteria about pit bulls is equivalent to the Red Scare only this time it’s dogs rather than Communists that are being targeted simply because of their breeding.  The Red Scare which occurred in theU.S.after World War II, from 1947 to 1957, was focused on national and foreign Communists supposedly infiltrating society, the federal government or both.

The media and government advanced and promoted a nationwide fear of communists, socialists and people who dared to challenge the government.  Many innocent people were jailed for expressing their viewpoints, civil liberties were ignored—just like Wicca was denied due process.

In the 18th Century, Sir William Blackstone formulated what came to be known as the Blackstone ratio: “It is better that 10 guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer”.

Acts like those of the Victorian government indicate just how uncivilized certain areas of this world still are.

Blackstone’s phrase is a cornerstone of both English common law and American jurisprudence, the constitutional guarantee of “innocent until proven guilty” and that should be applied to animals too.

Worldwide, murderers, sexual predators, rapists receive more consideration, more due process than an accused dog because some ignorant people, especially those in government, think it’s “just a dog”.

It’s not “just a dog”, they are our best friends, sometimes what our lives revolve upon.  We are a nation of dogs with a passion and devotion to our furry best friends that is essentially unequaled.

Governments and their leaders who cavalierly kill innocent dogs without just cause simply because they are pit bulls are pit bull types have blood on their collective hands, they are crafting and promoting a modern day Salem witchhunt.

They are marching towards a mass extermination of dogs just likeSalemdid with witches, just like the Red Scare, targeting and killing dogs on questionable or inconclusive evidence, just because of their looks.  Dogs are being singled out for attacked, branded with a scarlet letter—smeared if you will—their labeling as a dangerous dog based on nothing more than a stereotyping and ultimately it’s the taxpayer that bears the brunt of these unjust accusations, a taxpayer that opposes the killing of innocent beings.

We lock away serial killers at the cost of taxpayers, horrified at the death penalty, but yetMontrealandBelfastrefused to allow Wicca andLennoxto live out their lives at sanctuaries at no cost or consequence to the taxpayer, a fair and just resolution rather than death.

Two decades ago, pit bulls and Rottweilers (the most recent breeds targeted) attracted little to no public concern. At that time it was the Doberman pinscher who was being vilified.

In 2001, few people had heard of the Presa Canario breed, involved in the tragic, fatal attack on Diane Whipple inCaliforniain January of that year. Now that breed is being sought by individuals who desire the new “killer dog.”

Unfortunately humane societies say,  the “problem dog” at any given time is often the most popular breed among individuals who tend to be irresponsible, if not abusive, in the control and keeping of their pets. Simply put, if you ban one breed, individuals will just move on to another one. Banning a breed only speeds up the timetable.

Communities that have banned specific breeds have discovered that it has not been the easy answer they thought it would be. In some areas, media hype has actually increased the demand for dogs whose breed is in danger of being banned. Animal control agencies, even those that are well funded and equipped, have found the laws to be an enforcement nightmare.

Restrictions placed on a specific breed fail to address the larger problems of abuse, aggression training, and irresponsible dog ownership. Again, breed alone is not an adequate indicator of a dog’s propensity to bite.

If the goal is to offer communities better protection from dogs who are dangerous, then thoughtful legislation that addresses responsible dog keeping is in order. Legislation aimed at punishing the owner of the dog rather than punishing the dog is far more effective in reducing the number of dog bites and attacks. Well enforced, non-breed-specific laws offer an effective and fair solution to the problem of dangerous dogs in all communities.

The media and basically uneducated, government leaders, are brainwashing the public, unjustifiably installing a terror in a knee-jerk reaction to isolated cases of injuries caused by dogs and in most cases, irresponsible owners.

InBelfast,Northern Ireland, the Belfast City Council seized five-year-oldLennox, a family pet and disabled girl’s support dog, because he looked like a pit bull, because the dog wardens said he had the measurements of a “pit bull type”.  There had been no complaints on him, the owners had done everything right, the government did everything wrong and ultimately, after holding him in seclusion in a secret location for over two years and ignoring every rational solution, they killed him.

The case of Wicca, the five-year-old Staffie killed this past week by the city ofMontrealis a horrendous case of governmental abuse of power, killing a dog who was startled by a woman while leashed with her owner.  Scared, the dog jumped on the woman and in the process, superficially scratched the woman. The dog was arbitrarily deemed dangerous and ordered dead by a pencil pushing bureaucrat with no dog training experience, who refused to have the dog evaluated, refused to look at independent evaluations of the dog, who refused to interview the witnesses, who refused to even see the dog or hold a hearing in the matter.

Wicca was full of love and devotion, having saved her owner’s life last September from a potentially fatal infection, waking him from a stupor by repeatedly licking his face, resulting in him gaining much needed medical attention which required his hospitalization for a month.

Wicca’s owner saved his life, he did everything in his power to save hers but failed due to an obstinate government, because of the prejudice and discrimination being exercised against pit bulls and pit bull crosses.

Whatcha gonna do when they come for your dog?

Owners must be vigilant, the well being of their beloved pets is literally in their hands.  People must stop being passive and apathetic, they must become involved in the governmental process, to speak out against such undemocratic legislation, to make government truly be by the people, for the people and of the people, not their own self interests.

It’s becoming absurd, targeting of dogs for death simply become of its breed.

Victoria, Australiahas really taken it to the limit to causing an unnecessary and unrealistic mass hysteria towards pit bulls, creating a situation for grudges to be exercised neighbor against neighbor which results in false reports and innocent dogs being killed. Their creation of a “dangerous dog hotline” for people to report dogs they believe to be restricted is ludicrous and dangerous.

The current Victorian laws were rushed through Parliament last year in response to the death of a four-year-old girl last August, mauled to death by a neighbor’s pitbull cross. Owners of “restricted dogs” had must now register the them with government.

“After that time, if people have not registered their restricted breed dogs, have not had them desexed, do not keep them in a secure enclosure or have them micro-chipped, the councils will have the power to seize them and destroy them,” the Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh said, in what was a grossly transparent knee-jerk reaction.  Walsh said that dog owners must be held responsible for their pets but it’s the dogs who are ultimately punished by death for the irresponsibility of their owners.

And Walsh has the audacity to admit publicly that it is the government’s intent to eradicate, exterminate the breed, admitting that a dog must die just because it’s born a pit bull, just because of its looks, just because of the mass hatred towards the breed that government is promoting.

Unbelievably, Graeme Smith, managing director of the Lost Dogs Home says “if it looks like a pitbull, it should be treated like a pitbull”.So, conversely, if a red-headed man commits a murder inVictoria, will all redheads be seized and killed?

If a mustached man rapes a child, will mustaches be banned?

Ludicrious?  So is the government’s actions towards restricted breeds and especially pit bulls.

BSL is a cop out by government.  It does not work, all it does is lead to harmless dogs being murdered and families left grieving the senseless unjustified loss so government can look like they’re “protecting the public safety”.

It takes away resources and manpower from where the real emphasis should be placed, on educating the public and making owners more responsible for their actions and the actions of their pets.

In Victoria, restricted breed dogs are five specific breeds of dogs. They have not attacked a person or animal or displayed signs of aggression, but are considered to be a higher risk to community safety than other breeds of dogs.

The following dog breeds are restricted:

American Pit Bull Terrier (or Pit Bull Terrier)

Fila Brasileiro

Japanese Tosa

Dogo Argentino

Perro de Presa Canario (or Presa Canario).

Only the American Pit Bull Terrier (or Pit Bull Terrier) and one dogo Argentino is known to be inVictoria.

Since Sept. 30, 2011,  all dogs fitting the “Standard”, except where exemptions are given by the “Standard”, are considered a restricted breed dog.

Restricted breed dogs must be muzzled and on a leash while outside in public places.

A dangerous dog is a dog that has:

–attacked and bitten a person and caused serious injury

–has menaced people more than once

–is left to guard a non-residential premises, or

–has been trained to attack or bite a person or clothing attached to or worn by a person.

Dangerous dogs must be muzzled, on a leash and wearing a yellow and red striped collar while outside in public places and wear the collar at all other times.

Councils across Victoria will, after “due process”, have the right to seize and destroy unregistered restricted breed dogs.

Laws for Menacing Dangerous Dogs.

A penalty of $1,221.40 applies (10PU). The unregistered dog or one that was not in Victoria before  Sept. 1, 2010, may be seized and put down after “due legal process”.

Penalties for failing to apply to register the dog (20 PU or $2,442.80) or failing to make a correct declaration of the status of the dog as of a restricted breed (10 PU or $1,221.40) may also apply.

If you own a restricted breed dog and do not want to keep the dog, you can surrender the dog to your local council who will arrange to have it put down. Alternatively, take the dog to your veterinary practitioner for advice and assistance for its euthanasia.

It might be in the public’s best interest, for the safety and welfare of all, to seize and euthanize uneducated, prejudiced council members rather than innocent dogs.  7-29-12

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Photo: Rocket needs our help he is in Victoria Australia but they are treating him just the same as BCC treated Lennox! Please go to his page Lets join together Lets Save Rocket!/pp

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