It’s upbringing that makes a breed dangerous


In regards to the pit bull killing, I think it was completely and disgustingly done with much negligence. I’ve had the honor of meeting this dog personally by just being a part of the same neighborhood and it’s name spoke volumes. Sincere – free of deceit, hypocrisy, or falseness; genuine. And, genuine was exactly what this dog was.

Breed aside, nothing makes a dog vicious but its upbringing, and I know wholeheartedly that the police took the life of a wonderful, loving pit bull. To the owner, he wasn’t just a pitbull, but a dog, their dog, or even more so, a part of their family that is now missing. And, this was all because of the misunderstanding and ignorance of people who don’t care to look past anything but the stories of how evil pit bulls are.

I have a pit bull of my own that I had gotten at only 6 to 8 weeks of age. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. He has manners and is well behaved. My boyfriend brought him home only four weeks after I had gotten a boxerdoodle puppy of my own. Both have been inseparable ever since, and both have been brought up with the same rules of obeying.

To be honest, my boxerdoodle is hands down the more stubborn and protective one. You would be able to see in seconds of seeing them together how much of a submissive my pit bull is. This isn’t only with the boxerdoodle, either. My entire family is filled with dog lovers, and so most events, we bring our dogs along. In every situation, my pit bull submits to each and every dog. Breeds as big and dominant as an English bull mastiff, to small dachshunds and Jack Russell terriers. Each and every one dominates him, and with ease.

Another thing I’d like to mention is the typical breed of police dogs: German shepherds. Funny thing about this is, while finding a place to rent, where many landlords will turn down pit bulls, they also turn down German shepherds for insurance purposes. This is because they are also considered a very aggressive breed. Many statistics show German shepherd is ranked third most aggressive, coming right after pitbulls and rottweilers.

So, why would police enforcement want such a liable, awful, dangerous dog to be a part of their force? Won’t they be just as much of a threat to hurting someone without command of doing so?

And with that said, would you say that it’s the breed itself that causes them to be so aggressive, or the training they endure their whole life that makes them that way?

Please visit modifiedk9,, and to see more positive things our community is doing with the amazing breed of pit bulls, instead of doing nothing but bashing and causing wrongful stereotypes about such lovable and loyal animals, and ultimately causing very, very wrongful deaths for no reason. Stop the ignorance, quit being biased, and get informed properly.

Kelly Major,


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