Poll: Should owners muzzle their pit bulls?

Of course it isn’t the dog’s fault.Dogs do not have morals and don’t understand humans laws. Dogs control no aspect of their lives: Not their heritage/breeding (what is the breeds’ “job”, is the dog big enough to do damage?) not their management (how did the dog reach the victim?), not their sexual status (most dogs that escape and attack are intact.)

However, it is the pit breeders and the pit mongers faults that these masters of mauling have infested our communities and why they currently fill our pounds where they die by the ton, literally.

Pits are the choice of all US dog fighters because they are the best at attacking without warning, attacking without first trying to avoid a confrontation, attacking without reason, immediately doing damage. This dog did EXACTLY what pits were bred to do: seek out and kill another dog. These behaviors are instinct in many pits; there is now way to know when instinct may rise to the surface and guide the dog’s behavior.

Had this pit’s owner instead acquired a bird dog, a rabbit dog, a herding dog, the victim dog wouldn’t not have been as severely injured, if at all.

Take a few moments. Go to Liveleak.com and watch “2 pit bulls attack smaller dog” This is an excellent video of “good” pits doing what their abilities and instincts make them do. Then watch youtube “pitbull vs cavalo”. In this video the pit bull has several chances to escape, but her gameness won’t let her; her gameness overrides her self-preservation instincts.

No one who truly cares about the welfare of all dogs would want the abilities and instincts, that make pits THE US fighting dog, to be continued.

Free, mandatory enforced spay/neuter microchipping of all pits, pit mixes, all dog aggressive dogs. Let them mercifully become extinct. No responsible owner is punished, as his dogs are spays/neuters. If a boxer/lab is misidentified, no problem, she gets spayed. Other dog breeders: know who is buying your pups and for what purpose. S/n your pups before sale. If you fail and your breed is selectively bred for reactivity and increasing dog aggression and “becomes the next pit bull”, your breed is added to the s/n law.

If, as pit mongers insist, pits are just dogs, just like all other dogs and behavior is dependent on management and training, you can adopt any homeless dog and manage/train her to be your charming pet.

Those who fail to agree to this kind, sane way to reduce dog suffering and death give proof of their lack of compassion, reason, humanity.

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