Detroit rapper’s pitbulls taken by police after boasting of dogfights online

Good thing this episode of “Cribs” never made it to MTV.

Detroit rapper Young Calicoe’s pit bulls were taken during a raid by authorities today after he boasted they were fighting dogs in a self-shot episode of “Cribs” he put on the internet.

Detroit Police and Michigan Humane Society officers removed the animals from his property after seeing the video online. In addition to the many pit bulls removed, a number of roosters – said in the video to be used for cockfighting – were also taken from the property, according to WXYZ.

Crying and whimpering dogs can be heard throughout the profanity-laden video that resembles a tour of the neighborhood Eminem lived in in the movie “8 Mile.” The poor pooches shown on camera look malnourished and miserable.



Detroit rapper Young Calicoe had his pitbulls taken by police after boasting of dogfights on a self-shot webisode of Cribs.

“I hope we don’t get indicted for that,” the rapper says as he leads the tour into his backyard, “that Michael Vick-type sh-t.”

The rapper then opens a wooden gate that leads into a labyrinth of cages containing roosters and sickly looking dogs.

“We’ve got in the very corner, we’ve got the pit bull,” Calico says. “We’ve got the roosters. We fight them too. That’s the grand champ right there.”



The rooster referred to as “the grand champion” taken from Detroit rapper Young Calicoe’s property by authorities after they became aware of a self-made webisode of Cribs in which he boasted about using them for cockfighting.

Michigan Humane Society spokesman Kevin Hatman told the Daily News “a number of animals were taken,” but was unable to provide an exact number.

“We’re gonna take them back to the humane society,” said Hatman, “we have a number of skilled veterinarians who are able to detect signs of animal fighting…they’re gonna receive very good care”

Despite saying “Anything that’s got to do with gambling, put some money up, we do it,” in the video, Young Calicoe later took to Twitter to refute claims he uses his animals for fighting.



Pitbull puppies referred to as “champions in training” by Young Calicoe in a self-shot webisode of Cribs.

“If u find a video of me “FIGHTING DOGS” PLEEEEZE LET ME KNO.”

Hatman said it’s still too early to tell if officials will press charges, but said the Humane Society will work with Detroit Police and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office to “do the best we can.”

“A lot of people know about this video,” Hatman said, “we’re very grateful to everybody for reaching out.”

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