EXCLUSIVE: Family of Slain Pit Bull Speaks

The folks on this list all loved their pits to death! No kids/teenagers are on this list, no neighbors, no simple arm amputations, no permanent disfigurement, no visitor victims, no neighbor pets. If I added those victims to this list, the list would never end.

These folks all were killed by their/their family’s pit bulls: Dorothy Carter 2002, Roberto Aguilera 2005, Lorinze Reddings 2005, Brandon Coleman 2006, Raymond Tomco 2006, Pamela Rushing 2007, Blanche Bodeur 2007, Tina Marie Canterbury 2007 (chilling 911 recording on youtube), Mary Diana Bernal 2007, Cora Lee Suehead 2007, Kelli Chapman 2008, Chester Jordan 2008, Gerald Adelmund 2008, Carter Delaney 2009, Christine Staab 2010, Ethel Horton 2010, Edward Mitchell 2010, Michael Winters 2010, Mattie Daugherty 2010, Justin Lane 2010, John Reynolds 2010, Johnny Wilson 2010, David Haigler 2011, Michael Cook 2011, Joseph Hines 2011, Jennie Erquiaga 2011, Tonia Parks 2011, Darla Napora 2011, Carmen Ramos 2011, Linda Leal 2011, Mabel McAllister 2012.

May 2012, just had to add a new name: Clifford Wright, last seen watering his plants, with his trust pit bull by his side.

If pit bulls can be overcome by the pit, often silent, instinct to tug-and-not-stop, and kill adult family members, we should not be surprised when they maul or kill neighbors (pets/humans). And police officers MUST act proactively when pits are involved. Pits are victims too; stop making more victims now!

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