Speak Out: Are Pit Bulls a Problem?

Oh – and as to my own opinion on “pit bull type” dogs:

I love them, and have had nothing but positive experiences with all that I have ever encountered. One of my dogs is classified as a pit mix. We adopted him from BHS at the age of 4, and he had come to them from another shelter. We hose him not because of his looks, but rather because of the impression he made on us when we went to the shelter looking to adopt a dog. Despite his history of mistreatment and neglect, he was the most eager-to-please, affectionate and laid-back dog we met there. He immediately got along with our other dog (a ridgeback mix) and 14 y/o cat, and has never shown an ounce of unprovoked aggression towards another living creature.

He is now ten, and is the long-suffering playmate of my 3 y/o daughter. He has tolerated having his nails painted pink, will wear fairy wings and princess crowns, and is especially talented at chasing the monsters out of her closet or from underneath her bed. In fact, he has been her constant loving companion since birth; her first word at 8 months was not, to my dismay, “mommy”, but “puppy”!

Despite his advanced years, graying face and arthritic joints, he is most happy when surrounded by little people loving on him and playing with him. I am so fortunate to own my home; not only would it break my heart if I had to rehome him, it would absolutely devastate my daughter.

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