Dogs give skateboarder the run around

The energetic animals can reach speeds of up to 20mph as Corey, 27, holds on
to them with a double lead.

The real estate agent got the idea from a music video by rock band Blink 182,
where drummer Travis Barker is doing the same thing.

Corey, from Fort Worth, Texas, said: “I have sold a lot of houses in my own
neighbourhood to my friends. I currently have 16 of them living in a one
mile radius from me.

“I use my dogs frequently to take me around to their houses to drop a quick
hello to them.

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THRILLSEEKER teaches dogs to pull him around on his skateboard

“The main reason though is that I work from home and my dogs get annoying

“I let them pull me on my skateboard to wear them out, and to have a bonding
session with my pups.”

One of the dogs, Layla, is part pitbull and part boxer. The other, Sadie, is a
red nose pitbull.

Corey Spicer and dogs Sadie and Layla

Corey added: “My dad bought me a skateboard when I was four or five and I have
been riding ever since.

“Wakeboarding and snowboarding are what my real passions are but they are also
very expensive.

“The beauty about a skateboard is you can walk out your house a do it

Corey Spicer and dogs Sadie and Layla

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