Poll: Should Government Put a Tighter Leash on Pit Bull Ownership?

I just wish all dog owners were responsible, followed the law and also were considerate of everyone else they share the city with.

Example: Yesterday afternoon, an older gentleman was biking down eighth street headed towards the navy base. Running half a block behind him, completely out of sight, was a gray and white unleashed pit bull. It was sniffing some plants. He kept biking, completely unconcerned. I only know it was his dog because the dog eventually ran after him to keep up, then stopped to sniff again, then followed him around a corner at which point the biker was calling to him.

What if I had my dog out on a leash? Most dogs come running up to greet each other. He was half a block away. This is not what “insurance” is for, and I don’t want to go through the trauma of a dog fight (especially between one leashed and one unleashed dog) or even any little ‘stressful encounter’ which is likely what would have resulted. Clearly this owner was not only out of control of his dog, he couldn’t have cared less where its excrement ended up.

Keep your dog leashed. Clean up after it. Socialize and train it responsibly. Use common sense. Be considerate of others needs.

I would like to see other pit bull ‘fans’ and people who love the breed come down *hard* on the irresponsible owners and monitor them. Otherwise, they will all lose their rights in California. If any dog owners sees irresponsible owners of any breed, I hope they speak out!

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