Understanding puppy temperament to determine personality

When embarking on a search for a puppy, most families will look a dog that gets along well with children, can be trained easily and has a happy disposition. Puppy temperament is the biggest factor for families when choosing the right family dog. But what are the signs to look for?

There are many different tests that can determine puppy temperament. In general, there are four factors to watch out for:

Social attraction: When visiting a local pound, or even responding to a newspaper ad for a litter of puppies, social attraction is a major factor in determining puppy temperament. A puppy who aggressively races up to you and starts nipping at your ankles may probably have a more dominant disposition and may not be suitable around children.

Reaction to sound: It’s inevitable that with children in a house, it’s liable to get loud at times. A good test is to toss your keys on the ground near the puppy and watch its reaction. If the dog approaches the keys normally and starts playing with them, it’s a good sign that strange or loud noises won’t affect them negatively. Understanding noises and their reaction to them is vital to puppy temperament.

Dominance/submission: Dominant dogs will constantly challenge your authority. Put a prospective puppy in your lap. If it stays and reacts positively to your petting and stroking, you’ve got a puppy with a slightly submissive personality and perfect for children. Overly submissive puppies won’t work either, as they will often shy away from any type of consistent training. Puppy temperament is greatly affected by this trait.

Independence: A puppy that acts indifferent to a child’s attention or affection will definitely be a key in determining puppy temperament. Definitely bring at least one of your children with you to test the dog’s reaction around them.

Determining puppy temperament and exactly what to look for will make your decision easier, and give your children years of happiness with their new best friend.

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